Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hussein in the membrane...

Seeing as how I now know how to post pictures I will share another quick tidbit in which my trusty camera phone and my ninja like skills came in handy.

A couple of weeks ago I was at my local Mexican take out joint (yes, I'm Mexican AND I eat Mexican food too! Weird huh?) After placing my order for taco's I take a seat and eagerly await my feast. Since I knew it would be a while I start to scan the joint and visually take in the clientel. The normal patrons were stuffing their faces with greasy Mexican food when one bastard in particular catches my eye! At first I thougt it was just my imagination, but after giving him the Buckwheat double take I realize it was him! As cocky as can be I see this fucker drinking and chatting away as free as can be and I feel my patriotic anger rise! I look around to see if anyone else see's what I see, but everyone seems oblivious to the mofo and this irritates me more. I decide that just telling this story wouldn't be enough and I would need proof! Luckily i had my camera phone so i pull it out of my pocket and flip it open. With stealth only taught to Shao Lin monks I slide closer to his table and while looking in my phone I act like I'm checking a missed call. I knew I had to be quick so I smoothly angle my phone towards him and take a quick photo. I turn away suddenly and like it was all planned ahead of time my order is ready. When I get out of my seat and run up to snatch my tastey morsels I notice he is looking at me and I get nervous! Did he see me? Surely he would retaliate before I left the restaurant with my photographic evidence? I do a quick power walk to my car and with cat like reflexes I start up the engine and drive away. On the way home I get out my phone to check the fruits of my labor. BULLSEYE! Given the situation, I was now staring at my reward! A nice picture of the Butcher of Baghdad! That's right! It was Saddam Hussein himself! Scarfing a burrito and not giving a shit about America or it's citizens! As long as he had plenty of fresh salsa and homemade tortilla chips, he could care less! Damn you Saddam, damn you to Hades!



Blogger MiMi said...

Kmph..pmph..muwhahaha...ha..haha. that is so cheesy!! poor guy being reigned the facist dicator look-a-like while he's trying to enjoy his food! hahaha. what an honor...tee-hee...

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So thats where he has been hiding. What a great cheesy photo


2:50 PM  

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